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In these live & Online trainings you will learn how to do
Jossy Beauty signature brow look, her brow lamination
technique, proper application on coloring
eyebrows, tricks, tools and much more.

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@jossybeautystudio did you know that we have different options of hair removal depending on each skin type? ✨

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@jossybeautystudio my fav products from @jossybeautycosmetics is the clear brow gel🤩

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@jossybeautystudio wondering how lash lift works? It is a low maintenance service that gives you the look of long lift... See more

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@jossybeautystudio have you try our “brows deluxe” service? Get a relax therapy session... see more

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@jossybeautystudio Take your brow design to the next level✨
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@jossybeautystudio Teen brows are my favs!!!! That first time they see her brows in their best version... see more

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